On March 6, 1957, Ghana was handed the keys to control her own destiny after suffering under long years of British rule. With great jubilation, her people looked forward to a bright and promising future. Sadly, however, what seemed to be an opportunity to manage one’s own portfolio of abundant resources soon became a platform of greed and mismanagement for selfish ideologies. For more than half a century, the promise of her future has been repeatedly murdered.

For fifty-five years and still counting, Ghana has struggled to separate herself from the imperialist colonial rule to the “curse” of independence, from the incompetence of civilian rule to the visionless succession of military governments, from the poorly developed capitalistic system to the horrendous experimental socialist system all in the midst of an ongoing departure, by default, of our most valuable asset, Human Capital!

Today, as the private sector struggles to metamorphose with literally no sustainable systems in place, the government, with no clear or concise picture of an accelerated transformation, wallows in blundering ineptitude and unprecedented corruption.

For all our mothers who toil till daybreak to put food on the table; for all our fathers whose involuntary separation from payroll has become permanent since their place of work closed down; for all our uncles who in an attempt to change the system sold out to the “other party” only to be halted by a grand scheme of malfeasance; for all our aunts who relocated and took on second and third jobs; for all our disheartened student brothers and sisters who remain unemployed, indefinitely; for all our cousins and colleagues who had the courage and the resources to journey across the Atlantic with hopes for a brighter future; and for the rest of us who wait in vain praying for an incorruptible, accountable and transformational visionary,

SO are you READY?

yes i am !